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Dental services you can get from a dentist

A smile is a curve that sets everything right. But how do you smile when you are not confident with the look of your teeth? Some people will not smile or talk in a gathering or even with friends; some smile or talk when covering their mouth because they feel embarrassed by the look of their teeth. There is no need to undergo all this stress when there are a lot of options to correct the problem with your teeth. Whether you have a toothache or you want cosmetic dentistry, dentists can attend to you. Here are some of the services offered by dentists.

1. Teeth Contouring
Teeth contouring or teeth reshaping, or odontoplasty, is a painless cosmetic dentistry process that corrects teeth alignment, cracks or a chip to change its shape, length or surface.

Who Needs Teeth Contouring and Reshaping?
Not everyone is a candidate for teeth contouring or reshaping. So it’s essential to know whether the defects on your teeth or tooth need teeth contouring or a major dental procedure. Here is the answer if you have misaligned teeth and are wondering whether you can have teeth contouring.
?? Your teeth must be healthy for contouring and reshaping teeth. If your teeth are decayed, have infected pulp or have unhealthy gum, you are not qualified for the procedure.
?? If your teeth are seriously misaligned, crooked or overlapped, you need a major procedure to correct the issue.

How is the Procedure Done?
The procedure starts with a dental X-ray to examine the condition of your teeth. If your teeth are healthy for the procedure, the dentist will perform the procedure on the affected teeth. The dentist uses dental instruments like sanding discs or diamond bur to remove some enamel from the affected teeth or tooth, trim, shorten the longer tooth, shape or smoothen the teeth or tooth. If the tooth is chipped, the dentist can use bonding to seal it.

?? It protects your teeth from dental problems like decay and gum diseases.
?? It’s a painless process, so you don’t have to fear the procedure.
?? It’s cost-effective. Contouring and reshaping teeth cost $30 to $300 per tooth. However, using bonding increases the cost.

?? Brings a small change. If you have a major defect, it can’t be corrected through this process.
?? Removal of enamel from the teeth makes them sensitive while removing too much enamel can lead to tooth breakage.

2. Periodontal dentistry. Your dentist will treat and prevent diseases that can affect your gum, cementum, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament.
3. Root canal services. If you have a root canal problems like sensitivity, damage or infection, an endodontic dentist will treat you
4. Replacement of damaged or missing teeth. These services include, dentures, dental implants, bridges, and reconstructive surgery.
There are so many dental services you may need raging from cosmetic dentistry to general dentistry and different dentists are trained to deal with such problems. There is therefore the need to ensure you choose the right dentist since every dental problem has a specialist.

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